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OSCATEL’s core business is the provision of data and voice products. Broadband Internet services include fixed wireless broadband and portable wireless broadband. OSCATEL is also bundling its data products with voice via Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) and other services such as web hosting, co-location and wholesaling of network bandwidth.

OSCATEL Broadband Internet Services
The two main products to be offered under OSCATEL broadband internet services will be:

  •   Fixed wireless broadband on the 5.8GHz technology
  •   Portable wireless broadband on the 2.4GHz technology
  • The technologies adopted by OSCATEL, allow OSCATEL to offer products that cost efficiently meet the requirements of each market segment.

The OSCATEL Wireless technology offers fast network deployment that is easy to maintain that offers excellent critical system attributes and subscriber self-registration. These features are important for a mass market product since, from the customer’s perspective, the product is:

  •   It is a consumable item, therefore easy to obtain
  •   Easy to install – plug and play
  •   Affordable and unmatched value

Experiences both domestically and offshore suggest that mass market consumers expect more than an affordable product – they want something that is user friendly for people that do not have a high knowledge of IT related matters. If a product is complex and requires a system technician to come to the customer’s premises, then it will make customer acquisition more expensive from the company’s perspective and inconvenience the customer. It also creates the potential for unsatisfied customers that will require considerable customer service facilities to be established to ensure that the product is properly installed and operational. In summary, a simple product leads to a more cost efficient means to secure customers and reduces the potential of customer dissatisfaction.

  • ADSL (Broadband Over Copper Wire)
  • The quality of fixed line broadband over copper wires varies due to the dependency on old technology, namely the copper wire network, and the distance between the customer’s premises and the local exchange. Customers have complained of poor quality of service and varying levels of bandwidth which are much lower than the capacity marketed.
  • 3G, WIMAX & LTE (Bandwidth Capping)
  • Cellular Operators & Internet Service Providers are taking advantage of wireless technology and start rolling out services based on 3G , WIMAX and LTE. So far the 3G signals are stable in major cities of Sabah but there are still a lot of rural areas which are not covered properly. Wireless broadband is great alternative to wired broadband as the users can access fast internet anywhere in the city with their smartphone, tablet or laptop. The pricing is usually based on usage time and quota. Downside for wireless broadband is that heavy users will have to pay more due to bandwidth capping.
  • OSCATEL’s Last-Mile Wireless Broadband Internet Access (No Bandwidth Capping)
  • OSCATEL are confident that a wireless network with no bandwidth capping & no technology legacy issues, that can be rolled-out to customer catchment areas quickly and cost efficiently, that can be simply installed and offers portability & affordability in the coverage area should be attractive to both individual users and SMEs.

The 5.8GHz technology provides a stable platform for the delivery of high speed, high quality bandwidth that can be provided to customers together with a service level agreement guaranteeing minimum quality of service.

The 5.8GHz product will be competing against leased lines, IDSN and frame relay services. Being a wireless service, OSCATEL is able to provide the service to potential customers quickly subject to that customer site being within the coverage area.

  • Voice Service
  • OSCATEL intends to offer voice services over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
  • OSCATEL has the ability to offer either its own telephone numbering system or international numbering through a smart collaboration with international carrier. The VoIP service will be offered to broadband users of ADSL, 3G, 4G, 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz band services.
  • VoIP services will be available both independently or bundled with the OSCATEL’s other products. OSCATEL believes that a comprehensive data and voice package should be attractive to users who require quality services regardless of which service provider they are connected to.