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Oscatel Sdn Bhd is a full system integrator providing ICT solutions for complex ICT systems as well as designing and developing standard& customized application software for variousmarket segments/by industry:

Telecom, Energy, Government, FSI (Finance, Securities & Insurance), Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Plantation/AgroTrade, Trade Logistics, Healthcare, Education (ICT Campus Solutions), Transportation and more.

We work with our business &strategic partners to offer a full spectrum of services including strategic consulting, communications and network services, system design and development, intranet &Internet business solutions &services, implementation and customer education.

  • Internet / Intranet Services
  • OSCATEL performs complex Internet/intranet solutions and services. The emphasis is especially made on system and data security. We are strongly committed to Web application development and deployment allowing for the most effective and up-to-date user oriented solutions. The basic application functions include Web applications, Business Intelligence Systems, E-Commerce, Multimedia dynamic presentations etc.
  • Implimentation
  • Implementation of extensive information system is a complex effort often involving significant changes in the client's organization. OSCATEL ICT has extensive experience in implementing large-scale systems.
  • We utilize a proven implementation approach that has been successfully applied in numerous organizations.In successfully implementing complex ICT systems, extensive customer support is essential.
  • OSCATEL pays special attention to customer support throughout the development of the system and continues to provide support for the entire life span of the implemented system.
  • Communication & Network Services
  • A key element of most large information system is communications. The field of communications has rapidly grown in number of options and their complexity. Designing and implementing networks is a complex activity that requires a high level of expertise and versatile hands-on experience. OSCATEL's experts successfully solve these problems as part of providing customers with effective solutions. Network services include network design (high level and detailed plans), internet/intranet functionality, and network implementation and testing.
  • Customer Education
  • OSCATEL provides extensive education and training to customers as part of the ICT solution. The education and training covers all users types (top management to data entry operators) and includes areas of system and application software, data base management systems, use of CASE tools, management systems (e.g. ERP, JIT) and network operation. The courses are held at the user site or at OSCATEL/Partner’s Media training center.