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As an ISP (Internet Service Provider), OSCATEL through the business collaboration arrangement with the strategic partners, enables the company to provide the wide array of services and applications.

OSCATEL’s Last Mile Wireless Broadband Solutions & Services

Apart from the provisioning of fixed services & telco solutions, OSCATEL will also concertrate on delivering the bandwidth / Internet access to the customers through the last-mile wireless access technology i.e. WIFI point-to-point & point-to-multi point. OSCATEL believes that it is well positioned to capitalise on the unsatisfied demand for higher bandwidth services in Sabah due to the following key reasons:

  • TDMA MIMO Wireless broadband technology offers a faster roll-out of a statewide wireless platform.
  • TDMA MIMO Wireless broadband technology also gives the advantage of broad coverage, mobility, and relatively low capital expenditure and usage tariffs.
  • The advantages of Ubiquiti Networks airMAX TDMA MIMO technology:
    - 300 + subscribers per sectored base station.
    - 150Mbps + Point to Multipoint speeds.
    - Low Stable latency responses for VoIP and Video applications as network scales.
  • Utilisation of latest wireless broadband technology that utilise the 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz bands respectively, allows OSCATEL to offer targeted services to different customer groups in a highly cost efficient manner.
  • OSCATEL has the ability to bundle data and voice service (VoIP), and other value added services, on one integrated platform.
  • Wireless networks can be quickly deployed or redeployed to cost efficiently and quickly reach customer catchment areas, thereby providing a competitive advantage when compared to fixed line competitors.
  • Assistance of selected technology providers, as system integrators, to select appropriate technologies, negotiate equipment supply agreements, train OSCATEL’s technical staff, and to ensure network quality.
  • Higher levels of customer service due to a new technology platform that allows OSCATEL to provide guaranteed levels of service to premium customers.
  • OSCATEL’s current pricing structure is highly competitive.
  • Strong technology provider and backup from established equipment vendors like Ligo-Wave, Delibrant, Ubiquity, Engenius, providing proven technology.
  • Creation of an independent, financially viable bumiputra telecommunications company.
  • Experienced management team.
  • Development of local expertise in wireless technologies and products and services.
  • Moves the country towards the Government’s objectives of a ICT based k-economy.


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Oscatel Sdn Bhd (OSCATEL) is a licenced Network Facilities Provider (Individual), Network Services Provider (Individual) and Application Services Provider (Class). The licenses were awarded by Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in early 2013. OSCATEL also holds licenses from Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia.

OSCATEL provides, integrates, operates & maintain a comprehensive range of Multimedia & Communications services, systems & technologies, including provisioning of systems equipments & accessories, solutions design, management and deployment relevant to customers business needs to reduce their costs and increase their competitiveness in today's global economy.

Our strategic partnership with leading International Carrier, ICT Consultants & Vendors, Contents & Applications Providers, Telcos, and Celcos. Our Collaboration with these strategic partners allow us to leverage and position our customer’s business on an efficient and productive edge.

In providing for better and competitive solutions for our clients and prospects, OSCATEL ICT's solutions & services portfolio includes in-house customized products ranging from TDMA MIMO Wireless Broadband solutions to vertical industry applications and solutions from major multimedia & communications principals and providers as mentioned above.

OSCATEL overall strategy is to be the front-runner in the provisioning of ICT solutions & services on both Fixed & Wireless Technology Platform, and part of the strategy is to build a customers’ network that can support current and other applications of tomorrow.

OSCATEL would provide customer with immediate access to the state-of-the-art technology that incorporates all the tools and techniques for monitoring, control and management of a network. The significance of this solution is that our customer will be able to set up its network with minimal upfront investment. This will greatly reduce customer’s risks and manpower in setting up and managing data communications network.

OSCATEL’s management team & business partners possesses years of experiences in providing voice, data & video communications services, backed by strong network management and maintenance setup which consist of local & international expertise. This means that our customers will be assured with high quality services, together with the consultancy on detailed planning and implementation of network, comprehensive daily network management, continuous support in optimizing the network availability and performance.

In conclusion, being a total multimedia & communications solutions & services provider, OSCATEL is committed and accountable to provide total integrated business solutions and end-to-end managed service and technical support. Our aim is to enrich life through the provisioning of innovative ICT solutions & services.


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OSCATEL Sdn Bhd is a local ICT & Telecommunication company set-up to provide better communication infrastructure. With numbers of growth in data telecommunication industry Oscatel believed that new player should come in and provide facilities to support local telecommunication company to achieve better broadband penetration for the people of Malaysia.

The business model touches how Oscatel proved better solution for existing Telco companies to utilize their service to customer.

Trends of data usage have grown at high percentage from mobile to fixed linked. Telco companies are trying to deploy better services but with fast changing of technology in the telecommunication industry, local Telco companies have to endure cost, thus higher subscription rates to user. Oscatel network facilities will reduce the spending in infrastructure deployment and maintenance to serve better Telco companies to penetrate local market at a very attractive subscription fees.

With the experience more than 10 years of its key management OSCATEL has gathered local professionals to came up with the simplest yet reliable solutions for planning, installation and management of telecommunication infrastructure for better utilization.

The technologies are combinations of real time study from every aspect of cases. Here we have come with efficient frequency management to suit ever customer from enterprises to small SMEs’ or even individuals for they satisfaction.

We believe every cent they spent should be satisfied and that’s why our solution came into the industry.


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To be the leading integrated telecommunication services provider company offering wide range of telecommunication solutions with quality, value added and reliable Services



We believe the foundation of our success lies in our commitment to understanding and meeting our client’s requirements for quality, workmanship, safety and on-time delivery and value-for-money.

Oscatel is committed in its approach to :

  • Provide quality and reliable services that anticipate and fulfill customer requirement consistently.
  • Keep abreast of the latest global economy and technology development and capitalize on them for the benefit of mankind.
  • Be customer focus in all its businesses.