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OSCATEL Sdn Bhd is a local ICT & Telecommunication company set-up to provide better communication infrastructure. With numbers of growth in data telecommunication industry Oscatel believed that new player should come in and provide facilities to support local telecommunication company to achieve better broadband penetration for the people of Malaysia.

The business model touches how Oscatel proved better solution for existing Telco companies to utilize their service to customer.

Trends of data usage have grown at high percentage from mobile to fixed linked. Telco companies are trying to deploy better services but with fast changing of technology in the telecommunication industry, local Telco companies have to endure cost, thus higher subscription rates to user. Oscatel network facilities will reduce the spending in infrastructure deployment and maintenance to serve better Telco companies to penetrate local market at a very attractive subscription fees.

With the experience more than 10 years of its key management OSCATEL has gathered local professionals to came up with the simplest yet reliable solutions for planning, installation and management of telecommunication infrastructure for better utilization.

The technologies are combinations of real time study from every aspect of cases. Here we have come with efficient frequency management to suit ever customer from enterprises to small SMEs’ or even individuals for they satisfaction.

We believe every cent they spent should be satisfied and that’s why our solution came into the industry.